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RON- Remote Online Notarization Solution


RON or Remote Online Notarization is available from Infinity Home Title!

When COVID-19 pandemic took over, we realized that there had to be a better way to do business. We offer the latest technology which allow our clients a fast, remote and more flexible closing experience. A lot of things have changed, and we like to believe we are changing fast with the times and stay on top of the cutting edge of technology.

Our Qualia RON software allows us to facility this option with time savings, simplifies the closing, helps manage documents for our clients and makes the closing process smooth. Our software can store the recorded videos

Recorded videos are automatically stored in Qualia and notarized documents are immediately available for clients to review and download.

How is a RON transaction different from other types of remote closing transactions?

A RON transaction is completely digital and conducted online using audio-visual technology. The transaction is also paperless and documents are signed electronically. The notary uses tools built directly into the RON platform to remotely verify the identity of the signer and perform the notarial ceremony. The notary applies an electronic notarial certificate and the RON platform will tamper seal the digital documents.

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